more efficient processes

Thanks to digital transformation of blower technology

Digitalisation opens up new opportunities for companies in many industries to optimise processes, using our Smart Services now available in blower and compressor technology. Data-based solutions in particular offer great potential to support you in operating compressors to a whole new extent. On the basis of automated collection, evaluation and analysis of your data, tailor-made information, reports and recommendations for action are provided for you

With over 150 years of experience in the construction of high performance machines for industry, the AERZEN Group has taken the next step towards digitalisation. AERprogress is a comprehensive solution to provide tailored digital services for compressors and blowers.

The concept places the operator of the plant at the centre of the overall process. The targeted recording of relevant data in the plants makes it possible to ensure maximum transparency in the processes and to sustainably optimise the cost structure in machine life cycle cost management. 

In the past, data was often collected and stored redundantly. However, the potential of this data too often remained untapped, as data evaluation and drawing corresponding conclusions from it could be extremely time-consuming and a holistic view of the data was missing. Thanks to AERprogress, AERZEN can now take over the role of processing the transmitted data and enabling the digital representation of the compression process. With this transparency, processes can be systematically checked for their energy efficiency and optimised in a targeted manner, particularly with regard to availability and output quantity.

Solutions from AERprogress in detail

Machine Park Management


The basis of AERprogress with extensive features.
live monitoring from anywhere, centralised facility management online, real-time reports at the touch of a button, on-demand maintenance and maintenance logs...

Condition Monitoring


Usage-based Maintenance
with usage-based maintenance concept
Availability Management
with time-based maintenance concept

Energy Management


Improvement System
to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Consumption Certification
ISO50001 reporting simply by mouse click 


Explained in focus: Structure and solutions from AERPROGRESS

Thanks to the Machine Park Management basic package, you, as operator and end user, can access all machines remotely and thus view their status at a glance in order to optimally adjust availability and capacity utilisation to your ongoing operational requirements.

The intelligent AERZEN algorithm supports you in energy management in the search for energy-saving potential of single machines as well as across the network. The Improvement System shows you tailor-made recommendations for action on an ROI basis, so that energy requirements can be reduced many times over and energy efficiency increased. In addition, in combination with the Consumption Certification, ISO 50001 reports can be created with just one click.

As the maintenance concepts of industrial companies vary greatly, depending on the sector, we always have the right answer to your question. If you are pursuing a usage-based maintenance strategy, you can use usage-based maintenance to evaluate the condition of the machine in real time. If your production is linked to seasonal fluctuations, so that maintenance of the machine cannot be carried out ad hoc, a time-based maintenance strategy is recommended. Availability Management provides continuous monitoring of machines in order to identify any potential machine problems which may occur between scheduled downtimes and to plan and implement appropriate countermeasures at an early stage. 

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