Availability Management

Early warning system to avoid plant shutdowns

If an unscheduled intervention in the regular operation of a plant is simply not possible and maintenance measures have to follow a fixed time schedule, a usage-based maintenance concept cannot be implemented. It must be possible to plan maintenance and servicing measures on a long-term basis. This is exactly where Availability Management comes in.

The probability-based system allows the exact prediction of downtimes and downtime durations, which allows planning far in advance and significantly increases the ability to act compared with conventional time-based maintenance. For the first time, you, the operator, will receive advance warning of unanticipated potential machine damage and can thus proactively prepare for it and avoid a costly total loss. This add-on is particularly recommended for operators with seasonal operations. 

Reliability of time-based maintenance concepts

Availability Management enables you to maximise the availability of your facilities through the targeted analysis of machine and environmental data, avoid unplanned downtime and reduce unnecessary costs caused by plant downtime or significant machine damage. During regular operation, the operating data is continuously recorded and evaluated by AI (artificial intelligence). 

Even the smallest anomalies of individual components and machines are immediately registered and processed in a probability calculation. The AI determines from the data, and with the immense wealth of experience of AERZEN, an exact forecast of downtimes.


  • Precise fault identification
  • Maximising the reliability of your equipment
  • Avoidance of total losses
  • Minimisation of production downtimes
  • Prediction of unplanned breakdowns and downtimes

Via the AERZEN Digital Platform, key data is presented and enhanced through corresponding recommendations for action. You are informed of impending breakdowns at an early stage and thus have the opportunity to take preventative actions, such as the procurement of spare parts or the assignment of service technicians, well in advance. With this approach, the time-based maintenance concept makes it possible to plan maintenance operations according to their necessity and to achieve a significant reduction of unplanned downtimes. This promises to maximise your production capacity and thus provides a competitive advantage for you.

Security that is rewarded: reduce insurance premiums

Another advantage: by using this system, the terms for production volume insurance policies can be significantly improved. Thanks to putting these early warning measures in place, the insurer may conclude that this improves risk management and may accordingly reward the insured with lower premiums.