"We want to become a leading address for digital services in our industry. The aim is to redefine customer obsession and to position AERZEN as a TOP 3 IoT player in the oil-free compressed air industry."

In everything we do, our customers are clearly the focus. Their challenges and needs, no matter what kind, are our motivation. Our day-to-day work combines our enthusiasm for IIoT and our goal of helping our customers to achieve maximum benefit through digital services.

We are an international team of highly motivated employees who are enthusiastic about digital solutions, enjoy challenging projects and focus on the essentials. Our growing team currently includes around 15 colleagues who are experts in their respective fields and support each other in the various areas and projects by contributing their respective strengths and expertise.

At Aerzen Digital Services, we rely on cooperation, short communication channels, smart solution strategies, regular exchange and constant further development - not only with regard to our digital services, but also with regard to our level of knowledge and our agile procedures and approaches. We approach challenges pragmatically and practice-oriented and try to solve them together as a team.

We are ready to go the extra mile!

Every email we send, every conversation we have, and every decision we make reflects our commitment to do everything we can for our customers. 

As a mechanical engineer, we understand the challenges of our customers and know their needs. Together we take the next step!

Personervance meets courage to change!

Revolutionizing an industry is a marathon, not a sprint. We're patient, persistent, and constantly taking bold steps to take our business, and by extension our customers, to the next level.

In doing so, we combine over 150 years of mechanical engineering experience with the latest technology.

Transform opportunities into sustainable action

Digital transformation brings with it many benefits and opportunities. We believe in pursuing an opportunity. We help companies to embrace digitalization and achieve more.

Now! Easy! Quickly!

Inspiring combination of old and new

Our premises are located in the Hefehof in Hamelin, an old revitalized industrial site, which corresponds exactly to the philosophy of AERZEN and combines 150 years of mechanical engineering experience with the latest technology: "The historical building structure is supplemented by modern architectural elements and thus does justice to its new use. The attractive tension between OLD and NEW becomes a room-defining element.”

This is the perfect place for our team to work highly motivated on the development of modern digital services as well as corresponding hardware components, without losing sight of the practice that has been established over decades. We are supported by another ten employees in affiliated companies who, as specialists in the fields of IoT and artificial intelligence, provide further input for our solutions.