AERZEN rotary lobe compressors optimised and extended with new sizes.


In pneumatic applications or in municipal and industrial waste water treatment, the generation of process air is very energy-intensive. When operators use the right compressor for their process, they save energy. The extensive Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor series has therefore been further developed, optimised and supplemented by three sizes.

Since its successful introduction in 2010, the Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor series has been continuously expanded. With all in all 18 sizes the Delta Hybrid now cover volume flows of 110 m³/h up to 9.000 m³/h and drive power from 5.5 kW to 400 kW. The new Delta Hybrid D76S with a maximum volume flow of 4,580 m³/h and a drive power of 160 kW closes the gap in the upper power range. In the low volume flow rate range, two further sizes complete the portfolio for an even finer gradation of the series. In addition to the new D19S with a maximum of 1140 m³/h and 45 kW, the new size D29S with a maximum of 1740 m³/h and 75 kW also joins the product range. D76S, D29S and D19S operate in the standard pressure range.

The models D76H and D76E were developed for an increased pressure range of 1.5 bar and the vacuum range to -700 mbar.

Plant manufacturers and operators not only benefit from the now finer tuning and the resulting better price/performance ratio, the entire series has also been further developed and optimised. In this way, further efficiency potentials could be tapped, leading to increased energy efficiency of up to 5% per size.

AERZEN produces the optimised series or the new models in series from the middle of the year. At the same time, the further developed Delta Hybrid series will be equipped with the innovative AERtronic machine control system for process monitoring and control. With the new machine control the series of AERZEN rotary lobe compressors has, depending on the version, a cloud interface, automatic emergency shutdown, a digital control instrument and a fault indicator.

The advantages of AERZEN rotary lobe compressors Delta Hybrid at a glance:

  • Significantly improved energy-efficiency by energy savings of up to 20 % compared to conventional units;
  • Extended fields of application with differential pressures of 1,500 mbar in the overpressure and -700 mbar in negative pressure;
  • Low maintenance- and service costs (operation from the front, oil level check from the outside even with the machine in operation, oil change intervals prolonged to 16,000 operating hours), reliability and durability;
  • Very high regulating range (25 – 100%) with best possible degrees of efficiency also in partial load operation; 
  • Patented and robust bearing design
  • Low compressed air discharge temperature thanks to excellent thermal budgets;
  • Compact design and side-by-side installation, low noise levels, suitable for outdoor installation.
  • ATEX certification as well as class 0 certification acc. to ISO 8573 for oil-free operation
  • No use of absorption material in discharge silencer, consequently no contamination of downstream systems;
  • Belt drive for ideal design of the volume flow (automatic belt tension by hinged motor mounting plate ensures low maintenance and high reliability);
  • Tailor-made solutions through modular construction system, various modifications and options

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