Climate-friendly cement and lime production thanks to Aerzen Turbo

AERZEN Turbo blowers: Efficient technology for cooling and combustion air supply in the cement and lime industry


With the Aerzen Turbo, the compressor specialist AERZEN has a future-proof technology in its product range that sets standards in terms of efficiency, performance, sustainability and reliability - an ideal solution for cooling and combustion air supply in the cement and lime industry.

The production of cement and lime is very energy-intensive and, therefore, particularly harmful to the climate. In order to strengthen the ability to face the future and to compete, the industry is working intensively on reducing energy consumption and CO2emissions. The cooling and combustion air supply offers great potential for optimisation. By switching from the positive displacement blowers, conventionally used, to state-of-the-art AERZEN turbo blowers, considerable energy savings can be achieved. This is good for the environment, reduces operating costs and improves performance. A real win-win solution.

Aerzen Turbo: energetically unbeatable

The AERZEN G5plus turbo blower series is one of the most compact and efficient turbos in its class. Compared to conventional turbo technology, the energy efficiency is up to 10% higher, and compared to displacement machines, such as positive displacement blowers, savings of up to 30% can even be achieved.

The turbo blowers optimally meet the application-specific requirements in the area of cooling and combustion air - high volume flows at low pressures of 400 to 500 mbar - and come with speed control as standard. The innovative multilevel frequency converter technology reduces the power loss in the motor by up to 90 %, giving it a clear advantage over conventional converter technology.

Compact design, long service life, quiet operation

In addition, the turbo machines score with further features, which are advantageous for cement and lime production. Thanks to the compact design, the machine footprint is extremely low. 
For example, a turbo machine requires only a third or a quarter of the footprint of a positive displacement blower with comparable performance. Consequently, the machine room can be much smaller.

The innovative AERZEN air foil bearing with double coating ensures an increased service life of >80,000 operating hours and maximum reliability. State-of-the-art air filter solution systems ensure optimal operation, even in highly contaminated environments. The packages are sound-optimised and guarantee a quiet operation of 72-73 dB(A). In addition, the powerful turbo blowers are 100% oil-free, incredibly robust and easy to operate. The maintenance requirement is extremely low.

Focus on efficiency and sustainability

Low energy and maintenance costs, absolutely oil-free, high process stability, compact dimensions: AERZEN turbo blowers achieve top marks in all areas, offer considerable efficiency and performance advantages and support the cement and lime industry on the way to climate-friendly production. Although the initial investment costs for a turbo blower are higher than for a positive displacement blower, the turbo machines are way ahead in terms of energy efficiency, keeping the life cycle costs low - a clear competitive advantage.

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