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AERZEN gas compressors for the process gas and refrigeration industry


Aerzen has been supplying blowers and compressors for the process gas and refrigeration industry for over 60 years. The high quality and highly energy-efficient solutions of the company are impressive, not least due to a long service life which in some cases is more than 30 years. The design and implementation of systems are individually tailored to the customer.

AERZEN supports and advises its customers through the entire process - from the design and implementation of a compressor system to service after commissioning. The first step is always a detailed analysis of the current situation with the customer, as equipment for compressing gases must meet very specific requirements depending on the application. This includes, for example, consideration of regulations on explosion protection. Depending on the media to be pumped and the required machine types, AERZEN also individually selects the materials, so that components made of ductile, cast, or stainless steel, etc., can be utilised.

General parameters naturally, however, also play an important role: the composition of the gas to be compressed, the inlet pressure and temperature, the required outlet pressure and temperature, the ambient temperature, the expected flow rates as well as the quantities of cooling water available. Once these questions are clarified, AERZEN creates a customised quotation. This also includes our experts taking special customer requirements into consideration, such as special motors, frequency inverters, sound insulation measures and many other features.

AERZEN offers a wide range of products for customised, gas compression solutions in the process gas and refrigeration industry that include both screw compressors with oil injection or oil-free operation as well as oil-free rotary displacement blowers. The latter include the GR series of rotary displacement blowers:

These twin vane, oil-free compressor systems are designed for pressure differentials up to 1500 mbar and intake flow rates of 100 to 50,000 m³/h. The systems, which operate on the positive displacement principle, can automatically adapt to changing operating conditions. They are used for example as coke oven gas and blast furnace gas blowers in the steel industry as well as for the compaction of H2, CH or CO mixed gas, water vapour and specific critical or toxic gases.

The oil-free GQ series rotary displacement blowers share a common design: they all work on the positive displacement principle and automatically adapt to changing operating conditions. They are suitable for pressure differentials up to 1.2 bar (special versions as single-stage units up to 1.5 bar, or as two-stage units up to 3.0 bar) and intake flow rates from 15,000 to 100,000 m³/h. The systems can be operated in parallel or in two stages, so that pressure differences of about 2.0 bar can be achieved, for example, in the Midrex processes in the steel industry. Machines of GQ series are predominantly used in the steel industry, where they condense process and cooling gases. For this application, specially combined transport chamber seals are available.

AERZEN includes solutions with oil injection in the product range, with the VMY series of screw compressors, which are attractive because of high reliability and low operating costs. Consequently, they are the ideal choice for a whole range of applications in the refrigeration and process gas industry. The systems are able to adjust the power output between 100 and 20% through integrated flow rate control. As a result, they provide particularly efficient compression of natural gas, inert gases, ammonia, helium, hydrocarbons, hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide and mixing and process gases. The oil injection with these compressors ensures a low output temperature with fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures.

The oil-free operating VR series screw compressors have proven themselves in process gas engineering. Through the option of water injection, operators can use these systems for gases with fluctuating molecular weights, impurities and a tendency to polymerise. They are also the ideal choice for processes that must not contain oil. Pressures differentials are between 3.5 and 25 bar with single-stage compression. In the multi-stage version maximum final pressures of 53 bar abs. can be achieved.

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