AERZEN Digital Platform

Smart visualisation of machine data

The AERZEN Digital Platform provides access to the Cloud, wherein all data and information from machines and networks converges. On the AERZEN Digital Platform all parameters of the machines are present in a clearly arranged profile. You get a unique and simple view of process and machine data, as well as KPIs, which will effectively highlight the key elements of your production or productivity. 

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State-Of-The-Art technology meets proven safety procedures

With all your machines connected worldwide, you will benefit from having a complete centralised overview of all your machines. This will allow you to compare countries, locations or networks, enabling you to draw the appropriate conclusions. Thus, you get a holistic view in the shortest possible time, without any need for time-consuming manual comparisons or doing your own research, all with one click of a mouse.

The data is automatically sent via 4G/LTE from the machines to the AERZEN Digital Platform. The most important aspect of this process is SAFETY. Accordingly, AERZEN uses very strong protective measures, which go beyond the current state of the art. Data is transferred from the machine to the Cloud via MQTT. This offers maximum security, which is further supported by the establishment of an IT Security Management System according to IEC62443. All hardware components are selected according to these standards. External access to a running machine is not possible, as the machine will not allow external access without your consent, via a physical key switch. Here, the most modern technology meets proven safety procedures - this is exactly what AERZEN stands for.

User-friendly online system

The AERZEN Digital Platform operates entirely online. It can be accessed from stationary terminals such as notebooks or desktop PCs. But it is also possible to call it up using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Especially for mobile devices, the view is adapted to the corresponding screen size and thus provides a clear overview of the machinery. There is no need for a standalone app, which must first be downloaded from a store. The AERZEN Digital Platform is optimised for the use of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.