Usage-based Maintenance

Intelligent strategy for cost-reducing maintenance

Machines and components are used with varying degrees of intensity. Their degree of wear and tear is correspondingly differentiated. Usage-based maintenance takes precisely these differences into account and analyses the maintenance intervals required on an individual and usage-based basis. It aims to maximise the service life of equipment by permanently recording and evaluating the condition of the machine. The complex consideration of cause-and-effect relationships between the most diverse components within a process enables a complete status assessment of all technical systems by means of a sophisticated and self-learning artificial intelligence.

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In order to deploy usage-based maintenance profitably, continuous data evaluation of all technical components is indispensable. The actual condition of the entire plant is determined by the targeted analysis and combination of machine and process data. Based on this data, the appropriate time for maintenance is determined.

In principle, it makes sense to seek to reduce operating costs through the optimal strategic use of the machines (full or partial utilisation). Thanks to the usage-based maintenance strategy, the different degrees of utilisation and wear can also be used to maximise the service life of equipment by taking the actual condition into account, while at the same time better integrating maintenance and repair times into the operational process. If blowers and compressors are operated at partial load for long periods, the “Mean Time Between Maintenance,” i.e. the average operating time between two maintenance operations, can be optimised. For heavily used machines, the maintenance interval is adjusted accordingly with regard to optimum availability. This ensures that components are replaced in good time before the onset of fatigue and avoids costly plant downtime. 

The result is noticeably lower operating and maintenance costs. In particular, preventive maintenance operations can be reduced over the entire service life. At the same time, a prudent maintenance strategy allows existing personnel resources to be used optimally. 


  • Precise fault identification
  • Maximisation of maintenance intervals
  • Possibility of preventive intervention
  • Tailored maintenance intervals
  • Minimisation of downtime
  • Increased efficiency

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