Energy Management

Reducing Energy Costs and Conserving Resources

For most companies, energy efficiency is more important than ever before and represents a competitive factor, as well as an important component of corporate success. In addition to meeting all legal obligations, rising energy prices and the need for improved cost efficiency are also putting pressure on companies to optimise their plants in this respect. With the help of Energy Management, we can support you in identifying excess consumption in your plants in a targeted manner and in fully exploiting savings potential by making suitable adjustments in load profile. 

By means of our add-ons in the area of energy management, your energy consumption can be accurately determined, confirmed and verified according to ISO 50001.

Recognise potential and fulfill obligations to provide documentations

With the add-ons available with Energy Management, you can view and compare the energy consumption of all plants at any time in a transparent manner from one central location. Existing potential for optimising energy efficiency and reducing costs can be quickly and easily identified. This is not just about meeting legal requirements, it also makes energy management an ongoing process, through ensuring that optimisation measures are sought on a continuous basis.

With our add-ons, we support you in transparently viewing the energy consumption of all plants at any time, in reducing energy costs in the long term through targeted measures and, of course, in meeting the verification requirements of the ISO 50001:2018 standard  - according to the motto “Do a good turn and talk about it.” 

Regardless of how far you have come already in your energy management journey: in every phase there is new knowledge to be gained about the potentials to make further savings in your processes. The Energy Management solutions from AERZEN, start where you are right now and are individually tailored to you.


  • Reduce CO² emissions
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Go easy on resources
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Energy reporting with one click
  • Compliance with legal regulations

Create transparency and receive reports with a mouse click

Two add-ons are available for energy management, which can be used individually or in combination.

Improvement System

The Improvement System add-on allows you to view the energy consumption of all your plants at any time. You can compare machines or even entire locations with regard to their energy efficiency.


Improvement System

Consumption Certification

With the Consumption Certification add-on you can quickly create reports according to the international energy management standard ISO 50001:2018. This makes it easier for you to provide any energy-related reports called for by shareholders or other stakeholders.

Consumption Certification