Machine Park Management

All Machines - Worldwide - At a Glance


Thanks to its cloud-based platform, AERZEN is paving the way into the digital future of compressor technology. The concept places the operator of the facility at the centre of the overall process. The targeted recording of relevant process data in the facilities makes it possible to ensure maximum transparency in the processes and to sustainably optimise the cost structure in machine life cycle cost management.

Central monitoring of all facilities operated worldwide

The basic package of AERprogress is the user-friendly Machine Park Management. Thanks to the decentralised monitoring of all systems installed worldwide, operators of blower and compressor assemblies benefit from maximum transparency. All relevant data on machine performance can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. Time-consuming, provisional inspections of individual sites are no longer necessary. With one glance at the dashboard, you are always aware of the status of your systems and only need to take action when there is a real need.

Thanks to Machine Park Management, the operating status of all worldwide installed AERZEN machines is shown together with the control technology. On an interactive world map you can get an overview of all facilities and then select them specifically. By displaying the machine status in the dashboard, it is possible to see at a glance which machines are in operation, which are in trouble and where maintenance is due.


  • Time and cost savings through decentralised facility management
  • Significant reduction of on-site appointments
  • Time and location independent data access
  • Cross-site comparison of key machine data
  • Reporting according to requirements
  • On demand service and maintenance protocols

Well protected and meaningful data

The core of the concept is the transparent presentation of processes using data. Only through representable process flows is it possible to identify improvement potential and to derive solutions.

By displaying the machine status in the dashboard, it is possible to see at a glance which machines are in operation, where a fault is present and where maintenance is due, if any. In addition, the system has a function for creating individual reports with all relevant evaluations and recommendations for action regarding maintenance assignments and ordering spare parts. For further detailed information on the respective facility status, the relevant process parameters of all machines can be selected in the monitoring menu.

The data is collected via the AERtronic assembly control system, which is connected to the online system via 4G/LTE mobile radio. Thanks to high-level data security, it is always guaranteed during transmission that the data is securely stored and processed in an EU Cloud and protected against unauthorised access. 

Data Ownership

Data ownership remains with the customer at all times. AERZEN always prepares the data anonymously, so that sensitive, customer-specific process data is protected.

Definition und Begriffserklärung

In information technology, DATA OWNERSHIP refers to the ownership of the data when handling company data. Data Ownership refers to the rights to and control of data, which are recorded by sensors in company processes, for example. The data owner is the only party with the right to use, exploit and distribute his data.

High-Level Data Security stands for a security standard for the transmission, storage and processing of data and meets numerous international requirements. The IT security standard ensures that the data is protected against access by unauthorised persons at all times. This is also guaranteed by certification of the hardware components and the security management according to IEC62443.

In information technology, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the automation of intelligent behaviour. AI applications are able to independently record correlations between data through machine learning processes and to derive improvement measures from this data.