The diversity of Aerzen Digital Services

Individual solutions for more efficient processes

Individual customer requirements for the operation of blower and compressor packages are varied. While for some operators the focus is primarily on energy costs, other industries are particularly interested in high process reliability. In order to be able to provide the right solutions for all requirements, we have developed various add-ons wherein a range of services is optimally tailored to you. In combination, the perfect solution for every industry can be achieved.

Economic efficiency starts where solutions are precisely tailored to the process

The leading players across sectors from plant construction to the cement industry have been relying on the market leader AERZEN for decades. And for good reason. Because in terms of variety and flexibility the solutions offered by AERZEN have always been market-leading. This also applies in digital services. The decisive driving force is the high demand for sustainable solutions that make a measurable value contribution for our customers and for our environment. With experience dating back to 1864 in blower and compressor technology, Aerzen Digital Systems has developed digital solutions that meet today’s market needs and address user-specific requirements.


The water industry is facing a profound change: In line with developments in industry, water 4.0 is becoming increasingly important. Digitalisation, automation and resource efficiency are keywords that will shape the future operation of blower stations.

Read our white paper on this topic and learn more about IoT solutions in wastewater technology!


Wherever and whenever air and gases are conveyed, compressed or measured, machines made by AERZEN are likely to be present. The list of application fields is long and includes almost all branches of industry. Please click below to see the range of solutions available from Aerzener Maschinenfabrik.

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Water and waste water treatment

Water and waste water treatment at the sewage plant with AERZEN units

Industrialisation is spreading ever further. Even Third World countries are no longer exempt from this. In the established industrial nations of this world, the extent of mechanisation has reached a point at which nature alone is no longer able to compensate the strains associated with technology. Key topics such as global warming and lowering of the groundwater table dominate newspaper headlines and are subject of discussions amongst people. The call to sustain our environment is becoming louder and louder.

Chemical- and process technology

The efficient compressors Chemical- and blowers from AERZEN are proven in numerous applications process technology

The chemical industry is completely dependent on reliable supplies of process gas. But each process is different and requires specialized machines. The solution: the efficient compressors and blowers from AERZEN – proven in numerous operating environments, suited for almost all media, unrivalled in their reliability, and adaptable to individual client specifications. Can the solution really be this easy? It can!

Compressed-air technology

For the compressed-air production the proven AERZEN screw compressors are used

You are looking for a compressed-air station which is specially optimized for your case of application?  Beside of innovative and customized product solutions we offer with our compressed-air specialist AERZEN SYSTEMS a competent partner supporting you in the whole development cycle from conception up to realization and commissioning of your compressed-air station. The quality of the used materials is decisive. Therefore for the compressed-air production the proven AERZEN screw compressors are used.

Pneumatic transport for bulk material handling

Pneumatic transport of bulk materials, quickly, gently, and with minimal energy expenditure – a job for real AERZEN specialists

Pneumatic transport of bulk materials, quickly, gently, and with minimal energy expenditure – a job for real specialists. Oil-free rotary lobe hybrid blowers, rotary lobe compressors and screw compressors from AERZEN can handle any kind of transport need. With unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Vacuum technology

AERZEN provides multiple solutions to the particular requirements of industrial vacuum and high vacuum technology

Whether in foodstuff or pharmaceutical industry, in the chemistry or process engineering, metall processing or in automotive industry: in many branches of industry most different manufacturing processes require gas conditions with a pressure considerably below atmospheric pressure. A pressure of -700 mbar (300 mbar abs.) is considered as negative pressure. Below 300 mbar absolute the vacuum range begins, subdivided in rough, fine, high and ultra high vacuum.

Process gas technology

AERZEN units offer premium grades in every process

The differences in compressor technologies can be found right where the demanding applications are. Where often highly critical processes gases and coolants are compressed. In the chemical, petrochemical, energy, food, or pharmaceutical industries. The demands on plant design, engineering, documentation and worldwide service in those industries are often just as high as the safety and environmental guidelines to be followed.


The use of biogas as an energy source will considerably help achieve the environmental objectives set nationally and internationally

Customers benefit from the extensive know-how that AERZEN has gained from decades of experience in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The use of biogas as an energy source will considerably help achieve the environmental objectives set nationally and internationally; be that reducing reliance on nuclear energy or the reduction of CO2 emissions.