Your benefits:

Additional revenues with data-based services

Increased investment security and scalability

Understanding which competencies and methods are required

Business Model Development Workshop

Are you unsure about the value creation potential of digital technologies or are you looking for a pragmatic method to develop a suitable business model? Together, we design value-added data-based services for your machines. In doing so, we also take into account the activities necessary to implement this value in your business practice.


  • Exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the current product, business model and organization.
  • Identify business opportunities and risks from changing customer needs, competition and relevant trends
  • Identification of strategic directions for data-based services
  • Generation of ideas for concrete business models
  • Elaboration of the planned value proposition, revenue model and other business model aspects


  • Implementation of three workshop days
  • Workshop led by a consultant and a member of the management team
  • Recording of the results in the context of a holistically described business model

Realize the potential of your machine data

Practice-proven methodology

Business model development holds an immense number of theoretical process models. We combine the most practical of these methods with our implementation experience. We involve your team and your customers at an early stage. In this way, we ensure that it does not remain a concept, but that the business model can develop real added value for you and your customers.


  • Combination of a scientifically based approach with practical implementation experience.
  • Integration of the project into the process of strategic corporate planning
  • Use of proven and practical methods along the development, realization and testing of the business model

Feasibility in practice:

  • Utilization of the implementation experience of the AERZEN Group
  • Integration of the knowledge base of your company
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of a customer survey to determine requirements and willingness to pay
  • Validation of the business model in practice

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