AERZEN IoT Consulting

Digital consulting for mechanical engineering - your companion into the digital future

Successfully developing data-based services: that is our promise to you.

We are experienced experts, we come from the field of mechanical engineering ourselves and have planned and implemented digital innovations there. We can help you benefit from the digital transformation better than consultants from outside the industry.

Together with you, we identify and develop digital business models that add value. And we do this from the idea to the implementation, from the feasibility study to the proof-of-concept to the establishment of your digital business unit.

AERZEN IoT Consulting. We are the end-to-end consulting for mechanical engineering.

No matter where you are at the moment: We successfully set up and implement your digitalization strategy


We get you into digital business.

Where to start and, above all, how and when? We have put together the Digital Starter Package for machine builders who want to start in new markets. A compact consulting package that gets your organization ready for digital services with minimal effort and tests initial service offerings in practice. To do this, we provide relevant expertise, develop tailor-made go-to-market strategies and jointly review the success of the piloted solution.


Breakthrough for your digital business case.

How to scale digital services or implement IoT projects in a way that pays off? Our digital performer offer is aimed at companies that want more impact in digital business. Together, we clarify the business model, data architecture and infrastructure. We provide support for data potential analyses, vendor-independent IT selection and process definition. And we support the implementation of high-performance digital services.

Ensuring effectiveness and growth: The customizable consulting kit

From mechanical engineering, for mechanical engineering - we have developed and implemented digital solutions ourselves. With the following modules, we pass on our experience to you. We take you and your departments with us, moderate neutrally and manufacturer-independently and develop practical solutions.

Starting point for data-based services

Making sure the first steps are right: We give you practical insights into the digital transformation of the AERZEN Group. Based on this, we identify promising fields of action with you and your team. We sharpen the understanding of which competencies and methods are necessary for implementation and plan the next steps together. Our Digital Starter Package includes the following steps:

  • Digitalization options: digital fields of action, examples of implementation and potential for optimization
  • Identifying concrete approaches: elaboration of potentials, opportunities and individual goals
  • Initial market assessment: analysis of customers, competition and business planning
  • Identify necessary steps: competencies, capacities, digitization strategy and project definition

Business model development

Breakthrough for your business case: Together we increase investment security and scalability on the way to your data-based services. Our consultants support you and your teams in developing and sharpening a custom-fit business model. We consistently test the practicality and thus reduce your investment risk. In doing so, we master the following tasks together:

  • market analysis & customer survey
  • competitor analysis
  • strengths & competencies
  • product & price planning
  • KPI development
  • business planning

IoT-Infrastructure & Data collection

Your path to machine data: Our hardware and software engineers work with you to develop an understanding of the infrastructure required for the business model. Together, we define the interfaces and processes, select the appropriate hardware and software on a vendor-neutral basis, and ensure efficient data acquisition and transmission. IoT infrastructure & data collection includes the following content:

  • data availability
  • hardware definition & sensor technology
  • functionalities
  • specifications & partners

Data potential analysis

Monetizing your machine data: Our field-experienced Data Science team supports you in ensuring the necessary data availability and data quality. Together we reduce the effort for data acquisition and data processing. We sift through the existing machine data and evaluate its informative value for the planned business model. Our services in the area of Data Science include the following steps:

  • data pre-processing
  • data potential analysis
  • feasibility assessment
  • recommendations for action

market launch

Effective implementation of digital services: Together, we ensure that it all pays off and scales effectively. Based on the pricing models developed, your customers' willingness to pay, and the costs for software licenses, hardware, and operating expenses, we conduct a profitability analysis. For the market launch, we jointly develop a go-to-market strategy tailored to your needs for the targeted validation of the business model. Here we focus with you on the following contents:

  • MVP & Proof of Concept
  • market launch
  • validation
  • further development
  • scaling

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Three advantages for your company: flexibility, understanding and determination.

We make digital transformation successful. With an approach that is simple and flexible, opens up new business areas and resolutely overcomes implementation hurdles.

Clear KPIs, robust data and a flexible process protect investments, reduce effort and accelerate the transfer of know-how into your company. Closely interlocked with your teams, we drive change - trustfully, at eye level and on site.

What else makes us special? We are also a medium-sized company and speak your language. What is more: we are mechanical engineers to the core who have developed and implemented digital solutions ourselves. Experiences that we are now passing on.

Tangible insights for the digital future of your machines

In 20 minutes you get an impression of us and our work. We will talk briefly about your project and the possible next step on the way to data-based service for your machine, without obligation and with an open mind.

  • benefit from our implementation experience
  • pragmatic solutions for operational implementation
  • take the first step confidentially and at eye level

Talk to one of our experts and experience how we support you at eye level and with the necessary implementation expertise in the development of data-based services. From mechanical engineering, for mechanical engineering.

A strong team with a clear attitude: think pragmatically, act entrepreneurially.

We are your first, but not only, contact in Team Aerzen Digital on the way to the digital future of your machines. We have a team of experts behind us who, with their comprehensive know-how, cover all the necessary functional areas such as hardware and software development or data science and support you actively and with extensive application experience. Together with our colleagues and their expertise, we can support you in every step of the way to data-based services for your machines.


Where do you want your path to lead? We will find out together with you!